Case studies-samira’s recipe diary

Optimizing the website to boost rankings and user experience.


Samira’s Recipe Diary belongs to a cuisiner, a culinary artist and an Award Winning Food blogger. She shares various veg & healthy free recipes, most of which are vegan and gluten-free.

Problem before she met us

Everyone appreciated the quality and uniqueness of her recipes and the step by step process with pictures that she shares. The quality of content was superb and is loved across her fanbase. However, she was struggling with few things when it came to her website.

The first problem was that even due to her superior content, her blogs were not ranking first on the search results page on the desired keywords which limited her recipes reach and impressions.

The second struggle which she was facing was that of a poor website user experience since there was no easy way for her fans to explore hundreds of recipes in a quick and easy way, which resulted in high bounce rates and lower pages per session.

The third obstacle was that there were a lot of technical issues and warnings for her site which site owners usually are not aware of since these errors can only be found by paid tools which can prove to be expensive for an individual use.

Lastly, her website’s overall backlink’s toxicity score was proving to be very toxic since she was scammed by online freelancers which promised her thousands of backlinks in a month’s time at a very cheap rate. Due to her limited knowledge in this field, the backlinks of her website were created on toxic websites which were under the red alert radar of Google, resulting in heavy Google penalties.

Tell us your challenges

Our Approach

Our team of Google certified experts analysed her website from the scratch, from user experience to the technical errors to search engine optimization (SEO).

We started by improving her backlinks’ toxicity score by sending all those websites’ removal request emails and with the combination of Google Disavow tool so that our next efforts can be measured and show results.

After that, to improve the user experience of the website, our UI/UX team studied a typical user journey on her website from where the users are landing on the website, to what pages they landed on, used Heatmap tools to see their actions on the website after landing and what made them leave. We also held a survey across her fan base to understand the problems better.

After all the deep analysis and survey, we realised that the site was missing a place where users can easily navigate through a lot of recipes without needing to jump from pages to pages. So to tackle this problem, our team came up with a card system design for her homepage where her recipes were categorised and multiple smooth sliders were added, each having multiple recipe cards.