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Council for American Education (CAE) is an institute which prepares students across the globe by providing them the right information and guidance to study in the USA in the university of their dreams.

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Problem before they met us

CAE was facing a challenge to generate quality leads to help them expand their operations. The leads that were being generated were cold and costed a lot. Those of students and parents that were being generated were just in the first phase of exploring their higher education options and were not serious about pursuing their education abroad. This led to a wastage of resources and low returns on the advertising dollars spent by CAE.

Metrics that needed to be improved

  • Lead Relevancy Score: 11%
  • Conversion Rate: 2%
  • Return on Advertising Spend: 80% (Eg - For every $100 dollars spent, they earned $80)

Our Approach

Our team examined the brand from the scratch and analysed all the points which were causing the above mentioned problems. According to our deep brand analysis we revamped their entire digital marketing strategy.

We started with studying the target audience and their mindset in detail. We started by talking to the education consultants of CAE to analyze their past data and interactions with the leads in order to create the right user personas. It helped us build an accurate profile of our target audience.

Once we understood who the target audience is and how they take decisions, we tweaked CAE’s communication style, ranging from their core messaging to creatives look and feel to the tone to the call to action. This necessary shift was required to fill in the gaps which were causing the low-quality lead generation.

Our team of Google experts, applied this strategy into the most relevant mediums and ad formats coupled with the accurate ad targeting factors like In-Market audience to generate only the leads which were serious about education in the United States of America in the very near future.

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CAE saw a significant increase in the number of high-quality leads being generated at a lower cost and successfully increased their overall conversions. Improved Metrics -

  • Lead Relevancy Score: 67%
  • Conversion Rate: 8%
  • Return on Advertising Spend: 300% (Eg - For every $100 dollars spent, they earned $300)